All you need to know when coming to Bali To know a few facts about Bali before arriving can really make a difference, particularly when you are arriving for the first time. But even the seasoned traveler to Bali will each and every time be surprised about new things, new tricks to ensure a smooth time on Bali. Bali is a part of Indonesia and therefore still subject to all the opportunities and challenges that a developing country is facing in this very dynamic time. Although Bali is pretty safe and easy to travel, a lot of things simply don't work the way you are used to. Well, that's part of the fun, isn't it.

Bali is known to many, but only understood by a few. You can have the best time of your life in Bali (most of you will) or experience a really bad time (some of you will). It all depends on knowing a few facts about this unique island that you wish to visit, and understanding what you can expect where and when, and respecting some basic rules. How to behave in certain situations and what to avoid. Take your time and read up on the information, which will help you to enjoy a fantastic holiday on Bali, like millions before you.

January 6, 2015

Anne Veronika – Jakarta Barat

Saya beberapa kali pernah liburan di Bali, tapi baru kali ini saya menginap di hotel berbintang dengan harga super […]

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Ulfa Hagen – Surabaya

Oktober lalu aku dan suami pergi ke Bali dan dapat harga promo dari Bali Getaway untuk menginap di Harmony […]

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October 28, 2014

Henry Winnetou – Makassar – Suluwesi

Waktu saya mendapatkan tawaran liburan dari Bali Getaway saya coba bandingkan terlebih dahulu dengan yang lain tetapi karena harganya […]

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Intan S Dewi – Tangerang BSD

Saya sempat surprise karena Bali Getaway bisa membantu saya menginap di hotel berbintang dengan harga kompetitif. Tergiur dengan harganya […]

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October 27, 2014

Imam Nurdin – Jakarta Selatan

Terima kasih Bali Getaway karena liburan pertamaku bersama keluarga di Bali jadi banyak pengalaman, waktu itu bulan September dan […]

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