Paying the equivalent of 1 night for 1 week with Bali Getaway | Jeff Denoe

Paying the equivalent of 1 night for 1 week with Bali Getaway | Jeff Denoe

Bali Holiday Experience. Indonesia’s Bali, is a tropical paradise island, created from an active volcano and the perfect setting for some Xtreme adventures and gorgeous chill time. The perfect mix of cultural experiences, adventure and world-class surfing makes this an unmissable getaway destination, or an essential stop on a round the world trip. Enjoy fantastic weeks in Bali on this brilliant culture, volunteering, beach and adventure experience! Bali Getaway Experience is one of Best Bali Accommodation Deals easily book your luxury holiday accommodation in Bali, with mid-range or budget accommodation deals in Bali online.

Bali has been called “The Island of the Gods” due to the thousands of Hindu temples found everywhere. However, it is also a paradise for mere mortals and a Bali vacation is a heavenly b bali holiday experience in many ways. Bali is strongly influenced by the Hindu religion and culture, which is demonstrated in everyday life through the small offerings found in Balinese houses, businesses, restaurants, and many other places.

Just south of the equator, the island of Bali stretches approximately 153 kilometres/95 miles from east to west and 112 kilometres/70 miles from north to south. The geographical make-up of the island is very varied. There are the numerous first-rate beach resorts to be found on a Bali vacation, mainly in the south. The central area contains tropical forests, rice paddies and an actual live volcano plus is the site of the beautiful and mystical town of Ubud. In the north are several quiet beaches with black sand for those who crave a more serene existence. One aspect of a Bali beach vacation is that you can choose from resorts that are lively, offer surfing and large waves or those that are calm, more relaxed and also suitable for families. As a rule of thumb, the west coast has the surf and the east coast, the calm seas. Bali is blessed with a cultural and natural landscape to captivate the most jaded of travellers.

The Beaches of Bali

Bali has an excellent selection of beaches, each of which has its own character and personality catering to every taste and budget for Bali vacations. Starting on the west coast, Kuta is the beach for those who like a lively, somewhat commercial, fast-paced resort with plenty of amenities and nightlife and which attracts a younger crowd on Bali vacation packages. There is also a large selection of restaurants, bars and shops. For surfers, Kuta is one of the many beaches available for this activity and will appeal to lesser-skilled surfers. For sunset worshippers, Kuta provides amazing colours to marvel at most evenings. Nearby Legian Beach is very similar to Kuta and attracts a somewhat older crowd.

Upscale Jimbaran, once a sleepy fishing village, located in the very south-west, is home to several 5-star resort hotels and high-end villas can be rented here. There is a very safe white sand beach for swimming One major attraction on Bali vacations is the mainly open-air, grilled seafood restaurants from which, while dining, you can watch the sunset. Another upscale beach is Seminyak which is a little less serene than Jimbaran. The white sand beach here stretches for around 3 kilometres/2 miles. There are a number of boutique-style shops and good restaurants. Once again, the sunsets are spectacular. Lovina Beach, much further north, is a low-key, relaxed resort where the waves are calm and the area shaded by palm trees. It is the place to watch the fishing boats depart in the afternoon as the sunset begins to redden the sky. The beach area is spread over 8 kilometres/5 miles and is dotted with small coastal villages.

Moving to the east coast, Nusa Dua caters to all types of visitors on Bali vacations with a good selection of hotels. It is quieter than most Bali beaches but not lacking in restaurants and bars plus there is an excellent shopping mall and an 18-hole golf course. Tanjung Benoa is the place for motorized water sports as well as being a family-friendly resort with its calm waters. Sanur Beach was one of the first to be developed and has been characterized as the exact opposite to Kuta Beach. It is a former fishing village with much charm. It is known for its laidback atmosphere and is suitable for those wanting a quiet Bali vacation.

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